1.5 Interview: Kelly Reider on WIDA writing rubrics

Who is Kelly?

Kelly is the founder of English Learner Portal. She has 25 years of experience in public education— mainly in places like Maryland and Pennsylvania—wearing many hats: consultant, ESL program coordinator, school administrator, and instructional specialist as well as a teacher.

She is a WIDA Certified Trainer and provides consulting and professional development services in the WIDA standards. The acronym WIDA stands for World-class Instructional Design and Assessment and is a consortium of 38 states and provinces, as well as over 200 international schools.

Kelly is an expert in meeting the needs of English learners—ELLs—across the curriculum, early literacy and language development, program evaluation, curriculum development, and long- range program planning.

Kelly holds a Master's degree in Instructional Systems Development and certification in Elementary Education, Spanish, ESOL, & School Administration.

What is the English Learner Portal (ELP)?

English Learner Portal is a group of pretty amazing people. We provide professional development and resources to teachers, administrators, social workers, school psychologists, community leaders…..anyone who wants to learn! We just launched our online professional development school as a way to reach more professionals in a way that is convenient to them.

Who makes up the ELP?

What I think is unique and valuable about the English Learner Portal staff is that we are all still actively employed in various school systems. We work with students and teachers every day. We bring so many perspectives, that we can look at situations from a variety of angles. Susan and I were school administrators, so we get it. Susan, Becky, Rachel, and Adriana are still teaching every day while writing curriculum and leading others. I led a growing ESL program for 6 years, so I see the central office administrator point of view. I now coach teachers in their first three years of teaching, so I get the learning curve. Laura has worked in the refugee field, was a school system family engagement leader, and now works with various districts as a social worker. This group has true practical experience and I am honored to have them as my team!

We also look for others who bring in expertise, which is why I am excited to work with you today!

Scroll through video for these topics:

6:03 WIDA Consortium and their work with English language learners

9:18 WIDA Writing Rubrics

9:57 The Features of Academic Language in the WIDA Standards

16.27 The English Language Learner Can Do Booklet: Grades 9-12

18:03 Can Do Descriptors Grade Level Cluster 9-12

24:06 Colorin colorado!

26:39 WIDA website

28:00 Academic Language Function Toolkit: Sweetwater Union High School District

32:38 ELP Resource Center

35:21 English Learner Portal YouTube channel

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